Big Brother Canada Episode 2 Full Rant/Recap

Category : big brother 13 videos, My Thoughts $25 Nike Gift Cards: (USA VIEWERS) Free Subway (CANADIAN VIEWERS) My thoughts on Big Brother Canada Episode 2. Is Julie Chan there? Did Mike Boogie or Dr Will make an appearance? Was it any different then the US show?? Come watch and find out!–W3vtw?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata

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Big Brother Canada Episode 2 Full Rant/Recap

Big Brother 12 Saboteur Is…

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Ragan Fox, a 34-year-old college professor from Los Angeles

I won’t keep you in suspense.  I don’t have this on any credible source except to say that my gut is saying it’s him.  There’s a couple reasons why:

  1. When they introduced him, he didn’t come off as a “college professor” at all, he came off as a guy acting as one to me.
  2. I don’t even think he’s gay, I think that’s part of his M.O. to get in easy with the women and men.
  3. He just looks like a little weasel.
  4. When the lights went off, I couldnt’ see him on the couches.  I know Big brother does some good editing, but I didn’t him anywhere.
  5. It has to be someone who is not going to be a target, a seemingly “weak” player and that looks like him.

That’s my five reasons.  I’m glad they’re going to show us who it really is next episode but maybe they shouldn’t?  It might be cool to go through a season cheering for a player only to find out at the end that they were the weasel.  That would be a classic way to run the show.  Hmmm.

So who do you think it is?